Here’s what a few happy clients are buzzing about:

"Busy as a B has been a life saver for me! I've used Bonnie's services several times now and couldn't be happier. From Costco runs to packing and shipping awkward items, Bonnie is reliable, responsive, and professional. She even went the extra mile and, by price shopping and improvising, saved me tons of money on shipping a package (more than her service rate!). Bonnie has made checking things off my to-do list easy, painless and cost effective. I simply send her my list one day and the next, for instance, I have all the items I needed Costco in my fridge, leaving me time to enjoy my weekend. I will definitely continue using Bonnie's service in the future."

- Karen G.

"Bonnie is the best! I have used her services on numerous occasions and always feel better about my life for having her in it. Besides being smart, fun, and fun to talk to, she does her work with a cheerful and healthy sense of urgency. And she's incredibly neat and tidy! I've had her do store pickups, store returns, grocery runs and meeting service people. She handles them all with great efficiency and ease. Thank you Bonnie!"

-Gina D.

“Bonnie is my go-to girl! I first met her at an event she was working and she told me a little about her errand-running service. In the two years since, she has been a life-saver for me and my family, from reorganizing my garage, helping me sell items on Poshmark, to creating a Google doc to help me prepare for a move. I recently had surgery, and with Bonnie to the rescue we didn't skip a beat. She covered the grocery shopping, Target runs, and mail/ Amazon pick-ups. One of her best attributes is that Bonnie is incredibly respectful of your time and money and completes tasks in a very efficient manner. I would highly recommend her services.”

-Betsy K.

"Bonnie is the Due to illness and work constraints, getting my decorations up for Christmas was a daunting task. In under three hours, Bonnie had decorated my entire tree and house with my decorations. And at the end, I had her run a personal errand for me. She was professional and fun to have in my home and I look forward to working with her again!"

-Meredith W.

"Bonnie has saved me multiple times. I am starting a new business, and she has helped me deliver brochures, drafted HR paperwork for me, and I was even able to gift her services to someone else via a gift certificate (talk about giving the gift o time!). I am SO stoked this business exists and I will definitely be using her services in the future! Keep up the good work, Busy as a B!!"  

-Shawna N.

With San Diego Comic Con in town each summer, I was so lucky to have Bonnie pick me up a few things only available during those days. Even after her cost and shipping, it was still cheaper than had I bought them from eBay. Such a good idea and I plan to use her again next summer."

- Brandon B.

"I can't say enough good things about Busy as a B! Bonnie tackled my weekly errands a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier - it was so great to come home from work knowing that my Saturday wouldn't be spent driving around running errands. Bonnie responded to my request quickly and setting everything up was so easy! I will definitely use Busy as a B again and will be recommending Bonnie to all of my friends!" 

- Alex T.